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Outshine Physical Therapy

Get back to doing what you love with the
Best Performance Physical Therapy in Asheville

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Our 3-Step Process

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Step 1


We take the time to really listen to you. This starts with a free phone consult so we can learn more about how we can help you. We then schedule an evaluation and provide a thorough assessment to get to the root cause of your pain or limitation.

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Step 2


We focus on improving your pain and mobility issues first to get you feeling better fast. We will help you reach your goals with tools such as dry needling, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilizations/manipulations, blood flow restriction training, and specific programming and education for you.

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Step 3


We do not just stop when your pain is gone. We help you get better than before to prevent your issue from returning and to help you perform better in whatever it is you love to do. 

What problems can we help you solve?


How is physical therapy at Outshine different?



Get on the schedule within 48 hours, evening and weekend availability


Fewer total visits needed on average


Full access via text/call/email to your Doctor of Physical Therapy, referral program, swag bag


Clinic built with all essential equipment and top notch tools for improved performance


Sleep, diet, hydration and more addressed


Guaranteed no lobby room wait

What problems can we help you with?

Below are some examples of the problems we have helped real people in the Asheville and surrounding areas solve:

  • How to avoid a lower back/knee/shoulder surgery and unnecessary medications so you can get back to exercising without pain

  • How to throw a ball with your kid again without shoulder pain

  • How to get rid of your lower back pain so you can get on and off the ground with and lift your grandkids

  • Find out the real source of your foot pain and get back to running even better than you have before

  • How to get over your elbow pain to play golf/tennis at your highest level

  • Guidance and accountability to make the healthy lifestyle changes needed to prevent unnecessary medications, imaging, surgeries and age strong!

  • Figure out what you can improve to squat better so you can finally beat your PR at  your next powerlifting meet

  • Rehab an AC joint shoulder injury and get back to mountain biking confidently

  • Return to sport rehab for an ACL reconstruction so you can get back to playing soccer at a high level without worrying about hurting your knee again

  • Get to the root of your symptoms and finally feel heard after seeing multiple health practitioners without a change in your symptoms or function 

  • How to get better at hand balances in yoga because it is your stress relief

  • and MORE!



Do you accept my insurance?

  • Outshine is an out of network provider, otherwise referred to as a private-pay or a cash-based physical therapy practice (see below for why). We are more than happy to provide the necessary information you need to file to your insurance company for potential out-of-network reimbursement or to be applied towards your deductible. We do accept exact cash, card, health savings accounts (HSAs), or flexible spending accounts (FSAs) at the time of service.

Why is Outshine a private-pay aka cash-based practice? 

  • The traditional insurance model prevents us from treating you in the best possible manner. You deserve more than this and we want to be in the best position to deliver unmatched 1-on-1 care. Ultimately, we have found it leads to better and more long-lasting outcomes, less visits, and less spending on imaging/surgery/medications. ​​Read about 10 reasons to go out of network for physical therapy here.

Do I need to see my physician for a referral before starting physical therapy?

  • Nope! North Carolina is a direct access state meaning you do not need a referral from a physician to receive physical therapy services. This saves time and money allowing you to get moving towards full recovery faster. Thorough screenings will occur at all visits and you will be referred to the correct healthcare provider if needed at any point in your plan of care.

What can I expect at my first visit?

  • We will send you our short intake paperwork to fill out electronically before you arrive. In the instance we are unable to do so, like a same day appointment, please arrive ~5 minutes early to fill out in person. Your time is valuable. You will be seen at your appointment time without a wait. We will then spend a good portion of time discussing the details of what brings you in to help us more quickly diagnose the problem. We will evaluate the area of complaint and those joints surrounding it with various positions and movements so please where loose, comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Your first visit will include some treatment which will start to alleviate your symptoms in most cases. It will also include a home exercise program which will be sent directly to your phone/email. We will discuss your diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended plan of care and package at that time. Payment will be taken at the end of the initial evaluation and treatment.​ You will leave with clarity about what was found and confidence in a plan moving forwards. 

How about follow-up appointments?

  • Follow up appointments are based on the findings during your initial evaluation. We have the flexibility to set your plan of care based on your individual needs and goals due to our cash model. Most of our patients commit to a package of visits that fits their needs and sets them up for success. 

Can I be seen for more than one body part?

  • Yes! It is often better to focus on one area at a time. However, because we are 1-on-1 and have undistracted time together, we can often treat more than one issue at a time. We use a full-body approach so we may even find that the both areas are contributing to your issues. It is our goal to get to the root of the cause to improve your whole-being.

Can you see Medicare or Medicaid patients?​

  • We have no relationship with Medicare. This means that we are not allowed to provide physical therapy services to Medicare beneficiaries due to their extensive restrictions at this time. However, if you are unwavering in your decision to be seen at Outshine, we are able to provide you wellness and preventative care, fitness exercises, and other services not covered by Medicare. You will be required to sign a form stating your understanding that payment will be out of pocket and Medicare will not reimburse you. 

  • We are unable to see patients with Medicaid at this time.


Let's talk!

Please click this link to book your 15-minute phone consult or call us directly. We will answer any questions and help get you booked for your first visit!

We are excited about the potential to work with you!

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