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Sports Performance Training

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At Outshine, we want to build better athletes. That means we need to have a deep knowledge of what your sport demands out of your body and build a program for you that will allow you to maximize your performance.

  • Individualized assessments: We will consider age, injuries, training experience, how you move, and your goals to create a program that best meets your needs.

  • Improve performance: Get sports specific training which will translate to better on field performance.​​

  • Become a more well-rounded athlete: While your sport is the focus, we want to help you to become as athletic as possible. That means including all aspects of performance including strength, power, speed and agility, endurance, and mobility. 

  • Prevent Injuries: Follow quality programming that uses the most up-to-date research to prevent injuries. Learn how to perform all major lifts correctly and safely.


  • Sport specific strength and conditioning sessions

    • Ideal for the late middle or high school athlete or the collegiate athlete in the off-season

    • Initial assessment to determine areas of strength and weakness

    • Individualized program performed in a small group setting ​​​

  • Hitting and defensive lessons​ (No pitching lessons offered)

    • Lessons are offered 1 on 1 or buddy lessons with a friend

    • Contact DBAT-Asheville for pricing and scheduling​

  • Throwers Shoulder Care Program​

    • ​Overuse shoulder injuries are growing due to longer seasons and more games. Prevent injuries with a proven shoulder care program. Ideal for softball and baseball players 10 and up

  • Sports massage and recovery sessions​

    • Manual therapy and massage techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, active and passive stretching techniques, mobility work, and more to aid recovery

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"Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most from your talent." ~ Nolan Ryan

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