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3 Mobility Drills for Golfers for a Longer Drive

Okay, fellow golfers! Who has been watching professional golf? On both the PGA/LPGA Tours and with LIV Golf you will see the best in the world swing the club. What do most of the long hitters have in common? They have incredible mobility allowing them to access ranges of motion that many of us amateur golfers have a hard time getting into.

Two main areas to focus on are your mid back (thoracic spine) rotation and your hip rotation. Check out 3 of my favorite mobility drills for golfers to help you access more motion in your back swing and create more torque as you swing.

There are other variations of these mobility drills so if you have a hard time getting into these positions, then you might benefit from performance physical therapy. If you're an Asheville golfer and want to get the most out of your body for the golf course, then set up a free consult call with me and let's get you playing the best golf of your life!

Hit 'em straight and hit 'em long,

Dr. Sieara Hinshaw


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