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What is performance physical therapy? 

Maybe you have been to physical therapy before. Most people who have been to traditional physical therapy probably think about riding a stationary bike, doing band exercises on a table, using some e-stim or a hot pack, and hanging out with a technician more than their Doctor of Physical Therapy. The traditional physical therapy space often has more older adults than active adults and has very limited weight training equipment. There is a place for this type of traditional rehabilitation. BUT it’s not the type of care that active adults and athletes should be receiving. Below are some ways that make performance physical therapy different.


1.       We don’t just get back to your baseline. We get you BETTER.

The traditional physical therapy model stops when it gets you back to your baseline. But your baseline is where you got hurt at, right? So that is where the model is flawed. Instead of just restoring, we should be enhancing.

That’s why I’m a performance physical therapist that helps you get back to your physical activity or sport and do it BETTER than before. I want you to have the knowledge to take care of your body and prevent it from happening again as well.

2.       Insurance companies only care about basic function. But it should be about performance.

Traditional physical therapy clinics are in network with insurance, so they must listen to their rules. Insurance companies only want to cover the bare minimum, which means basic function. Can you brush your hair, walk safely, or wipe you’re a**? Insurance doesn’t want to cover care for you that progresses past this. And isn’t there so much more to life than basic function?

That's why my practice is cash-pay or out of network (and why most specialized performance physical therapists are as well). We want to put you first and give you the best care possible, and insurance companies don't allow us to do that. There are a lot of reasons to go with cash-based physical therapy. Read more here.

a performance physical therapist working with an athlete on agilities with blaze pods

3.       We don’t want you to stop moving when you have a setback.

Performance physical therapists like me are all about empowering you to stay moving and keep your healthy habits. Even when you are in pain, a performance physical therapist can help you understand how to safely stay exercising so you can keep doing what you love.

4.       Take a preventative approach to your health and wellness.

You have to be an advocate for your health and wellness. No one else is going to do it for you. In this model, we are able to make your care about YOU and your goals. Do you need accountability and guidance to start living the type of lifestyle you know is necessary to live a long and healthy life? A performance physical therapist can act as the quarterback for your health and wellness.

a performance physical therapist coaching a patient during barbell back squats

5.       Perform better, lift heavier, run faster, live longer.

We are movement experts and help active adults and athletes reach their higher-level activity goals. If you have big dreams on your bucket list, don’t settle for less.


If this just makes sense to you like it does to me, then reach out. I love connecting with and working with like-minded folks!


Movement is Medicine.



Dr. Sieara





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